What are Monkey Jars?


Monkey Jars are officially known as Nepenthes. While you’ve probably never heard of this genus, you’ve undoubtedly heard of carnivorous plants. Well, that’s exactly what Nepenthes is. These climbing plants grow in tropical rainforests like those found in Borneo. They can easily grow up to fifteen metres high. (Don’t worry, you won’t have to re-roof your house when you buy our Monkey Jars!)

These tropical plants can also be found in the Netherlands and are grown in hot and humid greenhouses around the country. Monkey Jars spend two years in a greenhouse before they are available in shops. They can easily survive and thrive in the average living room, especially if you give them a generous watering.

Home decoration

To put it simply, Monkey Jars are extremely cool houseplants. Take a look at it for a second: it’s a brutal, carnivorous plant that can devour insects raw. Monkey Jars are available in two varieties: as a hanging plant and as a standing floor plant. The floor plant variety has a built-in water reservoir.