Frequently asked questions


  • I am originally from the tropical rainforest of Borneo and the surrounding area. It can rain very heavily there! That’s why I like having a lot of water and high air humidity.

  • In nature, I grow between the trees in the jungle. It’s the perfect place for me, because my diet consists of small flies and insects. I lure them in with my nectar. When they land on the edge of my pitcher, they can easily slip and fall in. My pitchers are filled with a sticky liquid full of digestive enzymes.

  • My pitchers can stay connected for years, depending on how well I am cared for. If I am not given enough water to drink, my pitchers can dry out (turn brown) and die.

  • Monkeys that swing through the jungle occasionally take a sip of water from my pitchers, that’s why I was named ‘Monkey Jars’. I am also called ‘pitcher plant’. Feel free to call me ‘Monkey Jars’ ;-).


  • Yes, that would be absolutely fantastic! Don’t do it too often though and please don’t use soap on me because it isn’t good for me. I also love being left to enjoy a nice and humid bathroom.

  • No, if you take good care of me there is no need for that. Think of my stems as an organic sieve. If you give me enough water and the place you put me is not too dry, then I will fill my pitchers with a layer of water on my own. Depending on which variety of me you choose, I usually fill my pitchers to about a third but this is not always the case.

  • If my pitchers turn brown, then something is wrong. I may have been given too little water or I may be somewhere that is too dry or bright for me. If that is the case, then it’s important for you to quench my thirst or see if you can put me somewhere humid. One thought could be the bathroom!

  • Yes, the brown pitchers have died. You can cut them off. It does not matter where you cut them, whether at the top of the stem or at the bottom. I will then do my best to make new pitchers.

  • Rainwater does not contain chalk, and I am not so fond of chalk. That’s why it’s fine to put me outside during a real downpour of rain. Now and again, I’m fine with having some tap water!

  • I love being the centre of attention ☺. So make sure to check how I’m doing and feel the soil I’m in. If I am not turning brown and my soil is somewhat damp, then I am happy as can be. To make sure we’ll be the best of friends, make sure to check how I’m doing regularly when you first get me and try to develop an idea of how much water I need. You can use a plant sprayer to keep my leaves humid. Please don’t overdo it, because too much water is bad for my roots and that could kill me!


  • Just like in the jungle, I like being somewhere light, but direct sunlight is too much for me. During the warm summer months, I love being outdoors but I still won’t like being in direct sunlight.

  • I am a real Casanova, because I use the red colour of my pitchers to lure insects. The brighter the colours of my pitchers are, the hungrier I am!

  • Summer is the season for me. During winter, I grow slowly. In the summer, my leaves grow much faster and I make new pitchers. The pitchers are an extension of my leaves.

  • I hate moving, so I hope that you will let me stay in my familiar pot. The pot soil was specially formulated for me because of my carnivorous nature, and I am really fond of it.

Plant feed

  • Yes, that’s fine. Once every two months, you can give me a very small amount. Any more, and I might get unwell. 1 gram of fertilizer per litre water is plenty. Fertilizer can be a great addition, especially if I have not been eating many insects.

  • You don’t have to, but you are welcome to. I try to catch flies on my own, so that I can digest them and absorb some extra minerals. But if it’s my birthday, I won’t say no to a fly as a treat!

Fun Facts


The nectar under my lid is for catching bugs


When it rains, I just close my pitchers like a little umbrella


Vegetarian? I prefer a tasty fly or a yummy bug!


If you bought me as a floor plant, I have my own water reservoir


The liquid in my pitchers was designed to digest bugs


My name? That’s because monkeys like to drink from my pitchers!


I love water! The more water the better


Rainy in the Netherlands? My home country of Borneo has twice as much rainfall as that!