What are Monkey Jars?


Monkey Jars are officially known as Nepenthes. While you've probably never heard of this genus, you've undoubtedly heard of carnivorous plants. Well, that's exactly what Nepenthes is. These climbing plants grow in tropical rainforests like those found in Borneo. They can easily grow up to fifteen metres high. (Don't worry, you won't have to re-roof your house when you buy our Monkey Jars!)

These tropical plants can also be found in the Netherlands and are grown in hot and humid greenhouses around the country. Monkey Jars spend two years in a greenhouse before they are available in shops. They can easily survive and thrive in the average living room, especially if you give them a generous watering.


Care tips

My family and I are from the tropical rainforests of Borneo and the surrounding area, which is nice and humid just how we like it. I understand that a rainforest might be hard to find in colder countries, but the more similar my new home is to a rainforest the happier I will be. I drink a lot. The soil I am in should always be nice and damp. So please make sure I'm nice and comfy by using a plant sprayer on me and regularly giving me plenty to drink\!


Fun Facts


The nectar under my lid is for catching bugs


When it rains, I just close my pitchers like a little umbrella


Vegetarian? I prefer a tasty fly or a yummy bug!


If you bought me as a floor plant, I have my own water reservoir


The liquid in my pitchers was designed to digest bugs


My name? That’s because monkeys like to drink from my pitchers!


I love water! The more water the better


Rainy in the Netherlands? My home country of Borneo has twice as much rainfall as that!


All of our Monkey Jars come from JM Plants. JM Plants has been growing Nepenthes for more than fifteen years now and has become quite the expert. In addition to carnivorous plants, JM Plants also specializes in other big green plants.


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