My family and I are from the tropical rainforests of Borneo and the surrounding area, which is nice and humid just how we like it. I understand that a rainforest might be hard to find in colder countries, but the more similar my new home is to a rainforest the happier I will be. I drink a lot. The soil I am in should always be nice and damp. So please make sure I'm nice and comfy by using a plant sprayer on me and regularly giving me plenty to drink\!

Watering tips

You probably already know that I hate it when my roots are dry. I’m happiest when you keep my roots damp by adding small amounts of water. Normally, I’ll be quite happy if you water me with a watering can twice a week when I am indoors. But that really depends on the situation. Watering me twice a week might be just too much or just not enough. So make sure to check that my soil is always damp. If it is a little dry, I would love another sip of water!

For hanging plants: I love to shower

To water me, just put me in the sink. Or even better: give me a shower! I’m used to tropical rainforests, remember? And a shower means no water on your nice carpet…

Plant spray

Use a plant sprayer to keep me humid. If you want to pamper me like I’m in a wellness resort, then use a plant sprayer on me each day to keep my leaves humid. That way, I will feel like I am back home in the jungle!

Extra water

If you accidentally let me dry out, then it will be difficult for the soil I’m in to hold on to water. The water will just run straight through. If that is the case, then you should keep the soil I’m in under water for around fifteen minutes. Then the soil will be able to hold onto moisture again.

Water level

If my pitchers still have water in them, then you know I’m a happy houseplant. I’m very good at filling my own pitchers. The stems of my leaves to the pitchers act as a natural sieve. Isn’t that cool?


I love rainwater! Feel free to put me outside when it’s really pouring down outside. If you can’t put me outdoors when it’s raining now and again, then please give me enough tap water.


I love being where it is light, but where I am not in direct sunlight.


I’m quite comfortable at temperatures between 16 and 24 degrees. Easy, right?

Bugs, yummy

If you really want to spoil me, give me some bugs. Just kidding, I prefer to catch my own meals.

Plant feed

I prefer my steak well-done. Kidding again. Just give me regular plant feed once a month and I’ll be happy.

Don't eat me

Don’t get tempted to eat me when hunger strikes. Sorry, I’m not for human consumption…